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  • Long Island School for the Gifted


The Long Island School for the Gifted (LISG), located in South Huntington, New York, is a unique and exciting school for grades Pre-K - 9. We are a community dedicated to providing an outstanding education for academically gifted children where they are nurtured and treasured. There is abundant evidence of a passion for learning and teaching and visitors comment on the palpable level of excitement they feel in the air. Doors to the classrooms are open, and you can hear the cheerful voices of children having fun and being excited about learning. Our students are happy and productive and enjoy coming to school.

The school was founded in 1980 by our Director, Carol Yilmaz, and nine other parents who were seeking an appropriate education for their gifted children. Located in a former junior high school, we occupy over 30 classrooms and labs. Additionally, we have two computer labs, a library, two music rooms, two art rooms, a full-size auditorium, two gymnasiums, a cafeteria and a multi-purpose room. Outside facilities include acres of playing fields, two large play structures and several tennis courts.

LISG is the only school of its kind on Long Island. Currently, there are 275 children in attendance from over 60 different school districts in Suffolk, Nassau and Queens counties. As a result, we have a diverse student body representing numerous cultural, religious and economic backgrounds and an atmosphere of tolerance and acceptance permeates the building. Combined with the high moral integrity that gifted children possess, honesty and trust are fundamental principles evidenced by the absence of locks on our students' lockers.

Class size is small, typically 16, with a student/faculty ratio of 7:1. This provides numerous opportunities for student/teacher interactions. It enables us to focus on the needs of each child in our crusade to provide challenging material that will encourage and nurture an intrinsic love of learning in each of our students. Acceleration, ability grouping and concurrent scheduling address the special needs of our population. Students work from one to three years above grade level in all subjects. The fast pace of our classes, the depth of understanding of our students and the enrichment we provide result in remarkable levels of academic achievement. Students complete most of their high school courses by the end of ninth grade and go on to high school where they can take as many as fifteen Advanced Placement courses.

The school is divided into four parts; Pre-K, Lower (K-3), Middle (4-6) and Upper (7-9). The Lower School classes are self-contained although students visit specialists for science, computer, foreign language, art, music, library and physical education. Departmentalization begins in fourth grade. By the upper school, students are taking high school level courses which culminate with the New York State Regents exams in June. Extra-curricular courses, activities and clubs are built into the school day.

To provide an appropriate education for gifted children in pre-kindergarten through ninth grade, in a nurturing environment where they will be both intellectually challenged and comfortable socially, thereby providing these children with the opportunity to grow and develop to their potential.


The Long Island School for the Gifted

Permanently Chartered by the
New York State Board of Regents

Accredited by the
New York State Association
of Independent Schools

A Brief History
In 1980, a group of frustrated parents decided to start a school that would address the unique needs of their intellectually gifted children. After years of trying to negotiate with the public schools and looking for new opportunities and programs for their children, the time had come to do it themselves. The little school opened its door with only 14 students. Most were the children of the "founding mommies." LISG struggled through the first year, but interest spread and Adelphi University would make space available at the Huntington Campus for the following year. Enrollment was forty students, with a faculty of eight. There were only eight classrooms and an office that also served as the library, faculty room, and the admissions office. Only two of the original founders remained.

Slowly, but surely and year by year, enrollment grew, programs expanded and it became obvious that the school would have a bright future. Over Labor Day weekend in 1984, we moved into 165 Pidgeon Hill Road. We more than tripled the size of our space, doubled the size of the faculty, and enrollment was constantly increasing. In 1989, LISG received a provisional charter from the State Education Department, and in 1992, the State issued a permanent charter from the Board of Regents.

Over the years, the school grew in enrollment, staff, space and programs. Our history was chronicled in Newsday, the New York Times, and Channel 12.

In the fall of 2006, our evolution was greatly enhanced when we became the sole tenant of the building. Not having to share our space enabled each teacher to have his or her own classroom. We were able to enlarge the computer labs, library, music room, physical education offerings, and meeting space. We also began our Pre-K program for four year olds. In 2008, we received our accreditation from the New York State Association of Independent Schools, completing our evolution from a founder's school to a modern day independent school.